It's that time of year again! Medicare Open Enrollment begins on October 15th and will end on December 7th. Now is the time to raise your awareness about the aggressive and/or dishonest sales practices frequently used during this time.In the article "5 Illegal Insurance Practices During Medicare Open Enrollment" written by Marlo Sollitto and [...]

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Advanced Directives – Act Today

Anyone remember what the death rate is in the U.S.? It’s one in one! No one is making it out alive. The good news? You can make it easier on the people you leave behind by preparing, thoroughly preparing, your last wishes. We’re not talking about just preparing a Last Will (only [...]

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Home Healthcare Saves Lives

Mr. and Mrs. John Day (John and Nancy) live in a modest home in San Angelo, Texas.  The ramp leading up to their front door gives away the fact that someone in that home needs assistance with mobility.  But that is no longer the case and I doubt the ramp will be used much [...]

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Fact vs. Fiction   We want everyone to make the wisest decisions when it comes to their health care - that is why we are dedicated to community service through our workshops entitled "Fact vs. Fiction".  At these regularly scheduled events we educate consumers on how they can choose the highest rated providers for their healthcare. Medicare [...]

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SMART goals for 2018

January marks the beginning of a new year, it also marks a time of reflection of past experiences. Self-reflection and evaluation is a normal experience at the beginning of a New Year. Many people utilize this time of year to look forward and establish new goals.  Still others avoid setting goals because the task can [...]

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Most people who enter nursing homes begin by paying for their care themselves (out-of-pocket), and this can prove devastating to some.  As you use your resources (like bank accounts and stocks) over a period of time, you may eventually become eligible for Medicaid because you will have used up most of your assets and will be [...]

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“I need help with mom!”

Many people today are faced with finding healthcare solutions for their parents.  For example, Beth is 47 years old and her parents are aging.  She recently called us because her mom, Anne, had a change in prescription medications and kept getting confused about dosages.  Beth was wondering if a nurse could come out to the [...]

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This is taken directly from the National Association of for Home Care & Hospice website, but I thought it was worth duplicating to call attention to the fact that November is National Home Care & Hospice Month. "During November the home care and hospice community honor the millions of nurses, home care aides, therapists, and [...]

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