Mobile Emergency Response System


Mobile Personal Emergency Response System

For the first 60 days you are in our care we offer you a FREE Mobile PERS with 24/7 protection.

The unit is highly water resistant, and cellular enabled (and can be offered with fall down detection as well.) Think of this as your “personal connection button” to press any time, NOT just for emergencies! You can use it to:

  • Ask questions about your medications
  • Report “just not feeling well”; we want to know about any symptoms that are slightly out of the ordinary (and sometimes it’s just a good idea to talk to someone about how you are feeling!)
  • Talk to someone if you are feeling lonely, or simply just want to talk to someone.
  • If you have trouble remembering your next doctor’s appointment
  • To arrange transportation
  • For any reason at all . . . .yes, anything!


What are the benefits of having this ‘Home Health Connect Button’?

We believe it is easier for you to transition from the hospital to your home when you know you can press a button and talk to someone, just like you were able to do in the hospital! You will have instant access to a person who is trained to listen, and to assist you in any way possible. In the event of an emergency, the Care Center relays critical information to first responders – and will connect you to San Angelo Home Health, your physician, your family and friends, or 911.

You will have an added sense of security knowing that help is only a button push away, 24/7!