Many people today are faced with finding healthcare solutions for their parents.  For example, Beth is 47 years old and her parents are aging.  She recently called us because her mom, Anne, had a change in prescription medications and kept getting confused about dosages.  Beth was wondering if a nurse could come out to the house and straighten out Anne’s medications. There were a few other medical issues going on with Anne, and by going out to the house and working with her we were able to keep her safe, and at home.  By taking a look at all the medications in the home we were able to discard old medications which could have, theoretically, caused some complications had she taken them.  Eventually Anne will need to look at other options, perhaps an assisted living facility, but for now she understands her medications and has learned about how to better manage her illness.  She can stay safe, and at home, which is important to Beth.  She’d like to see her mother able to stay in her home for as long as she remains safe.  We were able to network with other providers to arrange things such as housekeeping, and transportation for Anne – we like to think of ourselves as a resource for our community!  If we can’t provide the care that is needed, we’ll get the patient connected to the right provider.  We were a big help to Beth, and hundreds like her.

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