Know your Health…… What does that mean anyway??  Good question.

Let me give you an example- Are you taking any prescribed medications?  Do you know what they are

for? Are you taking them correctly? Are they to be taken forever or are they just short term?  Are there

side effects? Are there parameters when you need to hold the medicine? This is just a small fraction of

knowing your health… Who needs to know all those answers? You do.

No one cares about your health more than you do. Each person is the Captain of their own health- that

includes management and mis- management unfortunately too. The physician, pharmacist, nurse,

parent, spouse etc… may all be part of your team but you are the Captain.  Don’t’ know how to manage

your health? Find out- educate yourself on your health concerns. Knowledge is power and in this case

knowledge is good health care. Ask questions.  If the doctor is starting a new pill- ask questions!  Our

doctors are outstanding educators- Use them. Pharmacist- also are historically untapped educational

resource. Is home health an option for you? Home Health is a tremendous resource on education

specifically tailored to you.   Ask..  Be informed.

Know your health.