Why San Angelo Home Health is one of the most highly respected home health agencies in the area:

  • Patient-centered. The founders of this locally-owned agency have always put the patient and his/her needs and goals first, and foremost, when developing their care plans.  Quality patient care is at the very core of every business decision made.  This patient-centered philosophy has served the agency well, as reflected in their current 4-star rating from Medicare and the recent award by Home Care Elite as one of their top agencies in the country.
  • Connected. Health care reform has created accountable care organizations (ACOs), bundled payment programs, and other new payment frameworks to encourage and incentivize health care providers to collaborate more closely with one another.  San Angelo Home Health is connecting in new ways with hospitals, physicians, skilled nursing facilities, and others, to ensure a seamless transition into the future of more government oversight of claims processing and payments.
  • High Quality. San Angelo Home Health has forged partnerships with other best-in-class organizations.  This means that while they continue to adhere to evidence-based best practices, and continue to leverage all the data and analytics capabilities that are becoming increasingly available, they will continue to partner with others who share the same commitment to quality and superior patient outcomes.
  • Tech-enabled. Technology will drive, and support, nearly every realm of home health in the future. Connections with care givers are supported by mobile and digital technology. San Angelo Home Health has made heavy investments in technology which allows them to easily update records from patient homes – making it easier for their nurses to concentrate on patient care.

San Angelo Home Health consistently earns positive feedback from their patients and earns repeat patient admissions.  They were chosen as one of the top home health agencies in the United States by the National Research Corporation and Decision Health©.  San Angelo Home Health also continues to rate in the top star-ratings provided by Medicare.gov/homehealthcompare.