What Patients Say

We were honored to receive this glowing testimonial from the daughter of one of our patients. Reprinted here, with permission:

“There are no words to express how much San Angelo Home Health has done to help me with my mother’s care and health!

My mothers health had worsened in the last year and she became very ill in August. We called San Angelo Home Health in August and they were there the next day (Saturday!). While she was recovering, we decided to move my mother to my house to help with her care. San Angelo Home Health was right there to help. My mom, Betty McElrath, is a very independent woman and she really was not ready mentally to give up her independent living but her health was just not good enough to live on her own. During her recovery, we decided it would be best if she continued to live with me. This was a very hard decision for my mom. The caregivers and administration from San Angelo Home Health helped so much with this decision which honestly wasn’t part of their job but they knew it was best for my mom.

The caregivers from San Angelo Home Health came to my house to monitor moms’ health. They also provided her with physical therapy, which her doctor had recommended for years but never told us that home health could provide. We had always been told, by her doctor, that she needed to go to a rehab center. Mom did not want to do this because it would mean someone taking off work to take her and it just took so much of her energy to get ready to go.

In-home physical therapy has helped her so much and her therapist, Hoss, has been her turning point. Within the first 2 weeks we saw a remarkable difference in her mobility and her attitude. My mom loves to cook and San Angelo Home Health has given her the ability and the desire to start cooking again!

I know my mom will never be able to live on her own again. I can’t help but wonder if we had contacted San Angelo Home Health sooner her health would not have gotten so bad and she might have been able to live in her home a little longer.

I sincerely encourage everyone who is caring for an elderly parent, or anyone who is elderly and trying to keep their independence, to contact San Angelo Home Health. Everyone at this agency has gone above and beyond to help my mother recover and adjust to her life changes (not as it is their job but as it is being her friend and showing honest concern for her well-being). They do not treat her like an “old lady” but as an individual that they sincerely care about. Throughout this whole ordeal they have done nothing but care about what is best for her!

I know that at some point my mom will be well enough that San Angelo Home Health will not need to come by. However, she did tell me last night that one of their staff told her that if she ever needed them all they had to do was call because she was already in their system (and they would take care of the rest). I could hear the comfort in her voice, knowing that they would always be there for her.

It is true that there is nothing like family in a time of need. I am so glad that San Angelo Home Health stepped in and helped my family. In fact, my whole family now feels San Angelo Home Health is part of our “chosen” family and will always be someone we can count on. Thank you so much for all you have done and for truly caring about my mom.” Peggy McElrath (Adobe Signs & T-Shirts, San Angelo, Texas)

Dora writes, “I could not have asked for better care from my home health nurse or my physical therapist.  Everyone was wonderful, professional, and very caring.”

Richard writes, “Great job!”

Mary writes: “I am very pleased and grateful to the nurses that came to check on me.  They gave me hope and courage to deal with my problem. They were all good and caring in their work. I want to especially thank Sharon, who was the one in charge to see me.  She was kind and understanding and also Joanne (administrator) who came  and did the original assessment.

“Hoss was an excellent therapist and kept p a great schedule to keep me “out and about”. He contacted me and arrived within the time frame indicated.”

“Because of the great care received, I am back to driving and regular activities.”

Suzie writes:  “I honestly don’t know what I would do without San Angelo Home Health. They are wonderful, really care for me.”

Thelma writes: “Sharon was very helpful, professional, and overall “awesome” in my care. My Physical Therapist, Hoss, was amazing with my therapy and was very patient with me.”

Kathryn writes: “The care I received from San Angelo Home Health was excellent – from Nursing to the bath/shower aide, to the PT.  San Angelo is blessed to have this home health company in it’s community.”

Ruby writes: “All the nurses were very sweet, but my first nurse was my favorite.  She stayed for a while and talked for a while.  Her name is Jennifer.”

Donna writes: “San Angelo Home Health has been good to me each time I have used them. I always request them when I need home health after leaving the hospital>”

Robert writes: “Your staff always gave excellent care. They were very friendly yet remain professional at all times.”

Wilma writes: “(Jennifer) is a wonderful, caring, giving person: a Christian lady. She does all the things called for in the handbook I received and so much more. I don’t know what I would do without her. I love her!”

Nelda writes: “Ashley has been a wonderful PT. She has helped me so much with getting better!”

Dorothy writes: “Nurse Sharon especially nice, knowledgeable, and concerned.”

Donna writes: “Please thank my friend Hoss.  He was very knowledgeable and went above and beyond to make sure I understood where I was in the healing process, and that I didn’t over do!”

Janet writes: “I felt like I had the best care from my aide for bath, and from my Physical Therapist!”

Anne Shipman, [2016] wife of Kenneth Shipman, has nothing but praise for our highly skilled nursing team.  “I don’t know what we would have done without [San Angelo Home Health] them. They were awesome!”

Anne stated that our nurses saved the Shipmans hundreds of dollars a month because they showed her how to use a pill-splitter, and a pill-crusher, making it easier to obtain medication that was covered by insurance; rather than having to pay out-of-pocket for powdered medicines.

“They were helpful in so many ways! The nurses are phenomenal.  I highly recommend San Angelo Home Health.”, Anne said.

Kenneth also received therapy in the home, as well as nursing.  “Brett (they physical therapist) made a huge difference.  I can’t thank you enough.”

“Excellent company! I highly recommend them to anyone. Very professional, helpful and knowledgeable.” Geneva F. 2015

“They have been the utmost in professional courtesy. We have had a very good experience with San Angelo Home Health.” Rachel C. 2015

“Excellent care! Definitely recommend!” Armando D. 2014

“We feel we have received excellent care from this agency. We are very blessed to have them. We have had a bad one in the past and (we) know the difference!” Danny B. 2013

“My team at San Angelo Home Health is the most caring, diligent, and understanding group of individuals! I consider myself and my daughter to be very lucky to have them in our lives.” Jose N. 2013