What to Expect

When you’re coming home from the hospital, or if you are recovering from an illness, it can be a relief to know that your doctor’s orders include home care. At the same time, you may be unsure about what you need to do to prepare for it, or even what to expect. We’ll do our best to give you an idea of what that first visit experience would be like.

Before your first visit:
While you’re still in the hospital, a caseworker will generally ask you if you have a preference for a home health company. Hopefully you’ve been able to do enough research so that you’ll feel comfortable choosing San Angelo Home Health. Once you let them know which home health agency you prefer, they will complete the referral paperwork which will enable us to get to work and start planning our first visit. We normally do not see you the day that you are discharged, which allows time to fill any prescriptions and rest before that first home care visit.

The day you go home, a representative from San Angelo Home Health will call you to arrange your initial visit. This visit will take a few hours.

Caregivers: Though it is not required that you be at the first visit, it is very helpful for you to learn how to help care for your loved one.

The first visit:
During your first visit, your nurse will explain all the details of your plan of care, including which other caregivers, including physical therapists, social workers, registered dietitians, and home health aides, are part of your home care team and how often you’ll see them.

If you received instructions about your care while you were in the hospital, your nurse will review them with you to make sure you understand them. (Be sure to have your discharge instructions and a list of medications ready to show the nurse.) Your nurse will also remind you of your follow-up doctor appointments, and will answer any questions you or your caregivers and family members may have. The nurse will also demonstrate any techniques necessary for your care. In addition, your nurse will order any supplies you need, from oxygen to sterile gloves, and teach you and your caregivers how to use any special equipment that’s part of your treatment.

Your nurse will also perform a thorough evaluation of your condition. He or she will:

  • Check your vital signs
  • Monitor any wound or incision sites
  • Complete a safety assessment of your home
  • Reconcile your medications with most recent medication list from physicians

Depending on your needs, your first visit may last up to three hours.

Mobile Personal Emergency Response System

For the first 60 days you are in our care we offer you a FREE Mobile PERS with 24/7 protection.

Throughout your time receiving home health care:
You’ll receive from San Angelo Home Health all the services your doctor has ordered. We’ll help you understand what to expect regarding your medical condition and recovery, teach you how to manage and monitor your condition, and support you through your recovery.