Someone in the United States has a stroke every 40 seconds. Every 4 minutes, someone dies of stroke. Every year more than 795,000 people in the United States have a stroke.  Stroke is the leading cause of serious long-term disability. Stroke reduces mobility in more than half of the stroke survivors age 65 and over. 87% of all strokes are ischemic strokes, which means that blood flow to the brain is blocked.  That usually means serious cognition and mobility issues.  Those facts are according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) – the government website for everything health (sickness) related.

If you haven’t visited their website lately, you should. Find it  here.

Who is at risk for stroke?  People with high blood pressurehigh cholesterol, smoking, obesity, and diabetes are leading causes of stroke. 1 in 3 US adults has at least one of these conditions or habits. Helpful hint? If you smoke, stop. If you have diabetes, start to manage it better.

If not for yourself, for those who are left with the task of taking care of you!  Family caregivers are never fully prepared to deal with a sudden health crisis. Can you imagine if you had a stroke, right now, would anyone around you be able to tell?  Find out more about the signs of having a stroke.  Find out if you are at risk and make necessary changes to reduce your risk for stroke and/or heart attack.

The aftermath of having a stroke can be devastating not only for the patient, but for the caretakers (usually a family member) as well.  Things like depression, fatigue, and financial pressure can increase the risk of suicide in stroke survivors.  It might be well for the family to consider in-home care for the first few weeks to train and educate the patient, as well as family members, on how to successfully navigate the road to recovery.  Medicare pays for in-home skilled nursing and therapy so ask your physician to write orders for this service if getting to the physician is a difficult and taxing experience for the patient.

Taking steps now to get into the best physical shape you can is the best defense against stroke.  However, if you find yourself or a loved one facing recovery after a stroke, it may be wise to consider home health care and therapy as an option.

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